Erdinger Pikantus

Erdinger Pikantus

Style: Weizenbock

Color: dark ruddy brown, effervescent dissipating tan head

Nose: yeast
, dried fruit (prune)
Body: medium

Palate: rich malt, dried fruit (raisin), slight burnt caramel, dash of chocolate

Finish: clean for strength

from a bottle purchased in Munich

Impression: This is a beer I’d like to see more often in Munich supermarkets but sadly I don’t. So, when I do, I always buy a few bottles. This one was closer to its expiration than you might think since we are about a half-hour from Erding. At any rate, it wasn’t expired and this kind of beer should hold up well on the shelf since its bottle-conditioned and has a fairly high alcohol content at 7.3%. Still, the head faded quickly despite it remaining fairly bubbly body-wise. Though rich in flavor, I found it easy to drink and while I think it would go better with cheese or chocolate, I enjoyed it with my Weißwürst. It’s the best beer Erdinger does and will continue to seek it out but will try to drink it earlier in its shelf life.

Care for another Weizenbock?

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