Held-Bräu Weizenbock

unfiltered wheat beer in mug
Held-Bräu Weizenbock

Brewery: Held-Brau
Style: Weizenbock
Head: rocky, white

malty, yeast
fruity, some hops in the mix
Finish: clean, dryish

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Unlike most Franconian breweries, Held-Bräu’s autumn Bock is of the wheat variety. I’ll have to admit, I was disappointed to not find a dark Bock in a place noted for their Dunkles but ordered it just the same as it was a seasonal and on tap. I was glad I had as it was nicely and a bit unusually a hopped one. Some of the lighter Weizenbocks can be a bit sweet and the addition of hops made for a more well-rounded and easier drinking beer. From what I gather, they have another Bock for lent but can’t sort out if it’s a dark one. I guess I’ll just have to go and find out.

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