Göller IPA

amber beer with massive head in glass with bottle
Göller IPA

Brewery: Göller
Zeil am Main
Style: IPA 7
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: ivory, rocky

honey, Lemon Drops hops
Palate: richly
malty, a touch of honey, Lemon Drops hops
Finish: lingering

Impression: Gorgeous pour with an ample rocky head and some honey and Lemon Drops hops in the nose. It’s richly malty and at 7% it’s more in the double IPA mold. Even after a couple of Bocks it’s not particularly hoppy, especially for the style. It’s also not as dry as I’d hoped. The local market dictates what a brewery produces and in this case an IPA might be too out of their wheelhouse. A rare miss from this very consistent brewery.

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