Held-Bräu Fest-Bier

Held-Bräu Fest-Bier is typical Festbier with a balanced malty palate and clean semi-dry finish.

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On the trail to Glasfleisch, Castles & other assorted pleasures

Beer Hiking Bavaria is a great guide that details 50 hikes in Bavaria which pass by or end at some of Bavaria's best breweries. This one takes in Rabenstein Castle and regional favorite Held-Bräu in Oberailsfeld.

Held-Bräu Bock

Held-Bräu Bock is a light amber and drier than most Hellerbocks.

Held-Bräu Weizen

Held-Bräu Weizen is a bit of a cross between a Weizen and Helles if interested in a hybrid beer.

Held-Bräu Weizenbock

Held-Bräu Weizenbock is a dangerously drinkable brew with a surprising addition of hops to make the finish clean and moreish.

Held-Bräu Helles

Held-Bräu Helles is a dry fruity brew with a some cereal in the mix and a clean bitter finish.

Held-Bräu Dunkles Bauernbier

Held-Bräu Dunkles Braunbier is a much revered Dunkles in Franconia, full of rich malt with a hint of chocolate before the dry finish.