Held-Bräu Weizenbock bottle

black weissbier with bit tan head in glass with bottle
Held-Bräu Weizenbock

Brewery: Held-Brau
Style: Dunkler Weizenbock 6.9%
unfiltered ruddy brown
Head: off-white
, creamy, rocky
Nose: richly malty,
roasty, some dried fruit
Palate: balanced, richly
malty, lightly roasty, hint of dried fruit, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-bitter, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought in Bayreuth

Impression: I wasn’t expecting this gorgeous Dunkler Weizenbock as I’d had a much lighter colored Weizenbock at their pub quite a few years ago. I got this mostly to resample with Weißwürste. In my notes for that beer I alluded to a Fastenbock and perhaps this is it though it’s quite early for one in late November! At any rate, it’s one gorgeous beer and possibly the best dark Weizenbock I’ve ever had in Franconia. It’s roasty for the style and I’d generally not like that but in this one it really works as it interplays with the hops in a subdued way. The lingering finish is sublimely dry for the style and shows a little less alcohol in this style can be a good thing at 6.9%.

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