The Pocket Guide to the Best Erlangen & its Countryside Breweries

Franconia is blessed with 100s of great breweries, many of them in small villages outside the big towns. The pocket guide to the best Erlangen and its Countryside Breweries will help you pick out which breweries outside Erlangen you need to visit. Guided tours to breweries outside Bamberg and Forchheim available if you would like to head into the Bamberg/Forchheim countryside with a Franconian beer expert.

One flew over the stork’s nest

The Voggendorf Keller is located outside of Uehfeld, an area rich with stork nesting areas. It's featured in Beer Hiking Bavaria along with the two breweries in town.

Prechtel Kellerbier on tap

Prechtel Kellerbier is a dry fruity quaffer, perfect for sipping at their Voggendorfer Bierkeller.

Prechtel Kerwabier

Prechtel Kerwabier Brewery: Prechtel Town: Uehfeld Style: Märzen Color: deep amber Head: off white, rocky Nose: malty but a hint of hops Body: full-bodied, low carbonation Palate: rich malty flavor, soft, some chocolate notes Finish: long dryish finish Served: in a bottle at the brewery Impression: This was a nice find. I'd pretty much come … Continue reading Prechtel Kerwabier

You can tuna fish (and a piano) but can you tune a carp?

Now, Uehlfeld might be on the Bierstrasse but it's hardly on any other tourist thoroughfare even if it lies in the middle of the admittedly pretty Aisch Valley. Even the Bierstrasse (literally Beer Street) was of only passing interest to me until I'd read about a pair of breweries in the tiny hamlet of Uehlfeld. … Continue reading You can tuna fish (and a piano) but can you tune a carp?