Prechtel Kellerbier (Schnapperla)

beer in krug with bottle
Prechtel Kellerbier (Schnapperla)

Brewery: Prechtel
in Krug so no visuals
malty but a hint of hops
medium, low carbonation
dry, fruity
Finish: long dryish finish

Served: in a bottle at the brewery

Impression: This was the beer I’d traveled so far to have but unfortunately it wasn’t available on tap. As a matter of fact, the barman said only the Helles was. It was a fairly dry and fruity one so I had no complaints. I did notice that the barman and some guys at one of the table were all drinking the bottled Kellerbier so gave it a try. It was much more flavorful and superior to the Helles so I was glad I’d tried it. Hope to return in summer as I imagine it’s on tap at the Keller on the outskirts of town. It was the kind of beer I could imagine drinking quite a few of.

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