Prechtel Kerwabier

amber beer in mug
Prechtel Kerwabier

Brewery: Prechtel
deep amber
off white, rocky
malty but a hint of hops
full-bodied, low carbonation
rich malty flavor, soft, some chocolate notes
Finish: long dryish finish

Served: in a bottle at the brewery

Impression: This was a nice find. I’d pretty much come all the way to Uehfeld to drink Prechtel Kellerbier on tap at the brewery and was disappointed to find it only in a bottle. I assume it’s only on tap at the Keller on the outskirts of town, which was unfortunately already closed for the season. I noticed a sign for the Kerwabier on another table on my way back from the toilet and though it wouldn’t be on tap until the following week when the Kerwa festival was in full swing, the barman said they did have bottles. It was a marvelous looking beer and one of the best in this style I’d had in a long time. It was very malty but not sweet in the least with a fine spiciness and some slight chocolate notes, finishing dry. I’d actually go back to Uehfeld for the Kerwa just to have it on tap.

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