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A Prime Passage to Prösslbräu

The Naabtal is a gorgeous lush valley with tons of hiking and biking opportunities. It is also dotted with quite a few great breweries so it's a prime beer hiking region. I met up with Prime Passages founder Kevin Holsapple for a hike from Pielenhofen to Adlersberg. Of course, Prösslbräu was our beery destination. Their Palmator was a just reward.

Beer Hiking in winter when the weather is less than perfect

Regensburg is a lovely medieval town dating back to the Stone Age. This urban hike details a scenic on the less visited side of the Danube River and is featured in the book Beer Hiking Bavaria by Rich Carbonara.

Beer means sometimes having to say you’re sorry

The Fichtelgerbirge area offers great hiking, food and beer. What's not to like?

What is Beer Hiking in Franconian Switzerland like?

What is beer hiking in Pottenstein like? It's about as perfect as you'll find with hikes for all levels and a great dark beer as your reward.

What makes Beer Hiking in Bavaria so different?

Beer Hiking Bavaria is the new book from Beerwanderers founder Rich Carbonara. It details 50 hikes/50 breweries/50 beers from all over Bavaria.

Beer Hiking in autumn has its merits and mushrooms

Autumn can be the very best season for Beer Hiking in Bavaria.

Rich Carbonara’s “Beer Hiking Bavaria” is available now in both English & German

The new book from Rich Carbonara "Beer Hiking Bavaria" is out now.

How to Keep the wife happy in Zeil am Main

I've never been big on birthdays but since moving to Germany I've grown to look forward to mine. Not that getting older has become more enticing but my wife has turned it into a beery adventure since she couldn't come up with a better gift. First, it became an annual trip to my favorite of … Continue reading How to Keep the wife happy in Zeil am Main

Diary of a Mad Craft Beer Brewing Housewife in the Land of Zoigl

Heading up to sample the local beer of not only one of the most traditional but remote brewing areas of Germany, I had a romantic notion of women not only serving their wares from kitchen-like pubs but also doing the handy work of actually making the fermented beverages on offer. Though my notion was only … Continue reading Diary of a Mad Craft Beer Brewing Housewife in the Land of Zoigl

Craft Beer in Germany?

Oddly enough craft beer is a new term on the German brewing scene. I find it odd as Germans have generally had a long history of hand crafting beer and though there is more than enough mass production of mediocre beer going on, there are still tons of relatively large breweries producing beers much as … Continue reading Craft Beer in Germany?