Beer Hiking in autumn has its merits and mushrooms

Autumn can be the very best season for Beer Hiking in Bavaria.

Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube

Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube is one of the best, with a large beer hall upstairs, cozy pub downstairs and home butchered meats.

Luggerts Zoigl

Luggerts Zoigl is the real deal, made by one of a very limited number of producers in one of only five towns still following all the protocols of Zoigl brewing.

Friedenfelser Altbayrisch Dunkle Zoigl

Though not a true Zoigl by any strict estimation or taste evaluation, this commercially produced beer is a tasty one just the same.

Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube

Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube TischenreuterStrasse 7 Falkenberg 95685 Tel: 0172 9106756 Opening hours: Monday & Friday from 5:00 PM Saturday & Sunday from 3:00 PM (check Zoigl calendar for weekends open) The Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube website is a bit cryptic and I couldn't find much of anything about the history of their Zoigl aside from it currently … Continue reading Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube