Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube

Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube
TischenreuterStrasse 7
Falkenberg 95685
Tel: 0172 9106756

Opening hours:
Monday & Friday from 5:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday from 3:00 PM
(check Zoigl calendar for weekends open)

The Schwoazhansl Zoiglstube website is a bit cryptic and I couldn’t find much of anything about the history of their Zoigl aside from it currently being in the Flieger family. I can say that it’s a nice roomy Zoiglstube with a very charming Biergarten.

interior and Biergarten of Schwoahansl in Falkenberg

We were spending the night in Falkenberg and after our 14k walk from Mitterteich, we were more than in the mood for a few Zoigl. I was sad, however, to find no Schlachtschüssel on the menu as I ‘d passed it up at the lunch stop due to the long walk ahead. There were the other usual Zoiglstube suspects. We ordered a plate of Geräuchertes, a very nice smoked ham and a real specialty of the area not to be missed. We followed that up with a Schwoazhanslteller, a plated of mixed cold cuts and cheese.  Both were good size and value, and as is fairly typical of the area, excellent quality.

Geräuchertes, Schwoahanslteller & Zoigl

Of course, the reason to come all this way, their Zoigl was perhaps our least favorite of the four tried on our Zoigl hike but nonetheless enjoyable.

Beer: Schwoazhansl Zoigl

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