Schwoazhansl Zoigl

amber beer in mug
Schwoazhansl Zoigl

Brewery: Schwoazhansl
Falkenberg (Oberpfalz)
honeycomb, unfiltered
white, fluffy, live
hint of malt
soft, medium carbonation
Palate: nice fruity component but lacking some depth

Finish: dryish

Served: from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  This was the second Zoiglstube of our two-day hike through Zoigl Land. We’d walked 14 kilometers to get here so were plenty thirsty when the beer came out, a bit on the fizzy side for the style.  It still was a looker and very refreshing in a fruity way but the finish didn’t seem to go anywhere. We were stuck inside as the very cute Biergarten was packed. We finally secured a spot outside and got something to eat. It seemed the later Zoigl was better poured, had a nicer head and was accordingly less fizzy.  This helped with the finish but I think it was still our least favorite of the four Zoigl we had on the trip.  That said, I’d go back anytime I was in the area and it was the Zoiglstube open. It’s not like you have any choice!

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