Hartwich Zoiglstube

Hartwich Zoiglstube
Angergasse 1
Mitterteich 95666
Tel: 09622

Opening hours: (Sadly closed as a Zoiglstube since autumn 2021, there appears no plans to reopen though the butcher shop is still operating)
Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00
(check Zoigl calendar for schedule, about eight weeks a year)

Though self-brewed beer was sold on these grounds from 1821 by the Mühlfenzl family, the communal brew house was closed at the beginning of World World II in 1939.  In 1966, Rudolf Hartwich (who had married into the family in 1946) took over his deceased father-in-law’s right to brew at the communal brew house which had re-opened.  The Hartwich Zoiglstube opened in 1967 but was destroyed by a fire in 1968. It opened yet again the following year by Josef Hartwich, his oldest son and a trained butcher.

the onsite butcher is a big draw of Hartwich

The Hartwich Zoiglstube is one of the most traditional if not oldest of Zoiglstuben, with its own butcher and a small old-style interior. The Biergarten area is atmospheric with a leafy green wall providing a nice backdrop.  Many people come just to pick up products from the butcher shop, which is right in the entrance to the Stube.  Of course, they also get growlers filled with their tasty Zoigl while doing so to consume back at home.

leafy Biergarten area of Hartwich Zoiglstube

We had an all too short visit as we arrived in Mitterteich in the afternoon and still had a 14k walk to our next Zoigl village, Falkenberg.  One of my goals of this excursion was to try Schlachtschüssel, a plate of freshly butchered homemade pork products. I saw a few of them and this would be a great place to do it, but it seemed like too big a meal to have before a big walk. So, I opted for their Bauenbratwurst with kraut and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Obviously freshly made, it was thicker than your common Bratwurst and was laced generously with caraway seeds. My wife had the regular Bratwurst and they were excellent, too.  We washed the meal down with their very tasty Zoigl and were on our way.

Hartwich Zoigl and Bauenbratwurst, both freshly and home-made

I finally made it back to Hartwich for their Schlachtschüssel and it was every bit as good as I had hoped for. It was a cold afternoon but it was so busy inside, I sad in the mostly empty Biergarten area. Needless to say, the hot food was exactly what I needed. The plate is consists of a thick slice of Kesselfleisch (pork belly), Blutwurst (blood sausage) and Leberwurst (liverwurst) with sauerkraut. It’s a hearty and tasty dish, well-suited for a night of Zoigl drinking.

Schlachtschüssel at Hartwich

Beer: Hartwich Zoigl

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