Beer means sometimes having to say you’re sorry

The Fichtelgerbirge area offers great hiking, food and beer. What's not to like?

What is Beer Hiking in Franconian Switzerland like?

What is beer hiking in Pottenstein like? It's about as perfect as you'll find with hikes for all levels and a great dark beer as your reward.

What makes Beer Hiking in Bavaria so different?

Beer Hiking Bavaria is the new book from Beerwanderers founder Rich Carbonara. It details 50 hikes/50 breweries/50 beers from all over Bavaria.

Beer Hiking in autumn has its merits and mushrooms

Autumn can be the very best season for Beer Hiking in Bavaria.

Rich Carbonara’s “Beer Hiking Bavaria” is available now in both English & German

The new book from Rich Carbonara "Beer Hiking Bavaria" is out now.

Checking the Czech Craft Beer Out: Old & New

Though my website is focused on my love and knowledge of Franconian beer, I have enjoyed beers in many other countries, as well. One favorite I've been lucky to recently visit once again is the Czech Republic. Czech is particularly interesting now as it not only has a fine history of brewing but it jumped … Continue reading Checking the Czech Craft Beer Out: Old & New

How to Dismantle an Atomic Schwärzlabock

Finding an elusive beer is always a joy, sharing it with the one you love is what makes it something you never forget.

Craft(ing) Beer Since 1556: Maisacher

Though to the casual observer, it would appear that Germany has been a relative late comer to the craft beer scene, that is only in the sense of finally entering into the realm of following a trend towards styles quite outside the German brewing box. Less than 10 years ago, to imagine breweries in Germany … Continue reading Craft(ing) Beer Since 1556: Maisacher

Craft Beer is Alive & Well sort of in Germany

Craft beer has finally come to Germany. Report on the Braukunst festival in Munich.

How to Keep the wife happy in Zeil am Main

I've never been big on birthdays but since moving to Germany I've grown to look forward to mine. Not that getting older has become more enticing but my wife has turned it into a beery adventure since she couldn't come up with a better gift. First, it became an annual trip to my favorite of … Continue reading How to Keep the wife happy in Zeil am Main