How to Dismantle an Atomic Schwärzlabock

Finding an elusive beer is always a joy, sharing it with the one you love is what makes it something you never forget.

A Ticket to Bock

The expression smiling all the way to the bank suddenly came to me as I could feel a bit of a smirk on my face as the conductor asked for my ticket. It's true, I had had to buy two tickets that day instead of the usual Bavaria ticket that would have been good for … Continue reading A Ticket to Bock

Following the Bocks in Regensburg

Bock beer's popularity is understandable. Sure, you could point to the added strength of the brew, generally packing more punch for your money. Or the richness of its flavor, but really it's probably just in the name, isn't it? I could go on about the lineage of bock, dating back to 14th century Einbeck in … Continue reading Following the Bocks in Regensburg