Friedenfelser Altbayrisch Dunkle Zoigl

unfiltered beer in mug with bottle
Friedels Zoigl

Brewery: Friedenfelser
Town: Friedenfel
Style: Zoigl Dunkle
Color: light brown
Head: white, massive, lasting
slight whiff of chocolate
Body: medium,  medium carbonation
Palate: nice chocolaty notes, hoppy
Finish: clean, dry

Served: from a bottle at the Waldnaaptal Blockhütte

Impression: I generally do reviews of beers drunk at the brewery but this one was served at a great atmospheric Biergarten in the middle of a lush forest that just happened to be in the middle of our two-day Zoigl hike. Between that and it being labeled a Zoigl, I figured I would review it just the same even though it does not fulfill the strict requirements of being an “Echte” or real Zoigl.
I was disappointed they didn’t have it on tap but it was obvious most people were drinking Weißbier or Helles.  It poured beautifully none-the-less and looked fantastic with a royal rocky head against the lush backdrop of the forest.  I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much but despite it not really fitting into its Zoigl style placement, it was quite a nice beer. The chocolaty notes made it seem more a Dunkles but it was quite dry in the very moreish finish.

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