Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube

Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube
Tirschenreuther Str. 4
95685 Falkenberg
Tel: 09637-3 28

Opening hours:
Friday to Monday from 10:00
(check Zoigl calendar for weekends open)

The Kramer-Wolf Zoiglstube website is a bit cryptic and I couldn’t find much of anything about the history of their Zoigl aside from it currently being in the Fischer family but there was a nice write-up about the making of Zoigl in general and that the process leads to a fair amount of variation in flavor from batch to batch. I had walked in from Mitterteich and found the small cozy Zoiglstube packed. I asked at one table if I could join but they said they had friends coming and then explained that upstairs, there was more seating. I went up to find a very large beer hall filled with breweriana mixed in with farming equipment and artifacts. It gave the room a real wild west feel.

interior of Kramer-Wolf

I’d finally had SchlachtshĂŒssel at the Hartwich Zoiglstube the previous day but was tempted to get it again. It looked possibly even better year. Since I had a hike to do that afternoon, I opted for what I thought would smaller, the mixed meat plate and it was absolutely massive and excellent quality.

tasty Kramer-Wolf Zoigl & mixed meat plate

I got to sit in the cozy downstairs pub later that evening, after another great local hike and it was an even better venue. The beer was more carefully poured and even better.

Beer: Kramer-Wolf Zoigl

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