Felsenbräu Felsator

deep golden beer in pewter lidded mug
Felsenbräu Felsator

Brewery:  Felsenbräu
Style: Doppelbock 7.5%
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: white
, creamy
richly malty, dried fruit, raisin, apricot
Body: full

balanced, richly malty, raisin, dried apricot, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought at Landbier Paradies

Impression: The pour was initially worrisome but was fine in the end, developing a fair head and richly malty nose with both raisin and dried apricot. The rich palate follows in the same dried fruit vein and the lingering finish is surprisingly dry for 7.5%. Better than expected.

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