Rittmayer Hallerndorfer Hefeweizen

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Rittmayer Hallerndorfer Hefeweizen

Brewery: Rittmayer
Town: Hallerndorf

Style: Hefeweizen 5%
Color: honeycomb
Head: white, creamy
Nose: fruity
Body: medium
Palate: fruity
Finish: fruity, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the Rittmayer Gartenkeller

Impression: I have to admit, I never drink a Weizen when in a Bierkeller in Franconia. It seems like a waste of a beer but a friend was drinking one recently and offered to let me try it so only had a sip. This was after drinking Kellerbier which surely influenced my experience. It sure looked the part and though I found it serviceable and a fair example of the style, I also thought it was on the bland side with no real distinguishing characteristics.

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