Gampertbräu Bock

golden beer in pewter lidded mug with bottle
Gampertbräu Bock

Brewery: Gampertbräu
Bock 7.2%
Color: golden

Head: white
, rocky, chiffon-like
Nose: richly malty, faint
grain, hint of honey
Palate: balanced
, rich malt, slight grain, alcohol, underlying hops, a touch of honey
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought in Bayreuth

Impression: Great looking Hellerbock with a sturdy chiffon-like rocky head and richly malty, slightly grainy nose tinged with honey. Richly malty with obvious alcohol but balanced enough with fair hopping. The lingering bittersweet finish is drier than many but this is another one I’d like to see clock in about .5% less in the alcohol department. I think it would be a nicer beer to actually drink rather than contemplatively sip as it’s not really complex enough for that.

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