Gutmann Hefeweizen

weissbier in glass with bottle
Gutmann Hefeweizen

Brewery: Gutmann
Town: Titting
Style: Weizen
Color:  honeycomb
Head: creamy, white
Nose: fruity, some bubblegum
Body: light
Palate: citrusy, subdued banana, slight bubblegum, subtle hops
Finish: clean

Served: from a bottle bought in Franconia

Impression: This is reported to be the top Weizen in Franconia so I’ve wanted to try it for years. I never seem to have time for it when in the region despite it being readily available. There’s just too much else to drink. So, I was happy to see it at a large beer store while there and picked one up to see what all the fuss was about. Well, it poured beautifully and along with the typical aromas was a faint one of bubblegum. I was intrigued and it was a pleasure to drink. It had a very refreshing citrus palate and while it had some of the traditional banana overtones, they were very much in the background, as was this hint of bubblegum. There were some hops in there too and they added to the very clean finish. I’ll get a few bottles next time.

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