Hauf Helles Vollbier

Hauf Helles Vollbier is a distinct beer from their Edel-Hell with a maltier palate featuring grainy notes. The clean finish is semi-dry.

Hauf Export

Hauf Export is a serviceable example of the style with a malty palate and clean, semi-dry finish.

Hauf Dinkelator

Hauf Dinkelator is a velvety Dopplebock with a richly malty palate and lingering finish.

Friedrich Hauf 1901 Dunkel

Friedrich Hauf 1901 Dunkel is a good example of a southern Bavarian Dunkles with some chocolate notes in the otherwise malty palate. The lingering finish is just dry enough to make it moreish and bittersweet.


Hauf-Pils is a dry hoppy example of the style with a clean semi-bitter flavor.

Hauf Helles

Hauf Helles is a nicely balanced grainy brew with a moreish semi-dry finish.

Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse

Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse is effervescent citrusy thirst quencher, perfect for a hot day.