Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse

Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse

Brewery: Hauf
Color: honeycomb

white, rocky, creamy
fruity, banana, yeast
Body: medium, effervescent

balanced, fruity, some banana, hint of yeast
Finish: lingering, fruity, semi-dry

Served: on tap at Den Wilden Mann

Impression: Great looking Weißbier even poured in a .3l glass resplendent with logo. Head is formidable and lasting. It’s fruity and yeasty with some banana. Its seemed sweet initially but had just drunk a very dry Engel Kellerbier. It reveals itself to be fairly dry for the style. Finish is slightly sticky compared to the Weib’s Brauhaus one but not overly so and perhaps truer to style. Glad I got a small one but if I weren’t planning on drinking the lineup, a whole one would go down easily.

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