Murmann Lager

Murmann Lager is an unfiltered golden brew with a lightly grainy nose and palate and a moreishly semi-dry finish.

Scheidmantel Pils

Scheidmantel Pils is from the defunct as of 2002 Coburg brewery of the same name. It's now brewed by Kulmbacher. It's certainly a decent example of the style and worth trying if you see it.

Murmann Kellerbier

Murmann Kellerbier is an ale-like fruity example of the style with moreishly semi-dry finish.

Brauerei Grosch Erntebier

Der Grosch Erntebier is a nice low-alcohol beer, perfect for summer.

Brauerei Grosch Prinz Albert Pils

Der Grosch Pils is perhaps more of a Helles than a true Pils with more malt and some grain in the palate. A nice beer nonetheless.

Brauerei Grosch Fuhrmannstrunk

Der Grosch Fuhrmannstruck is a tasty easy drinking Dunkes that pairs well with rich meat sauces.