Weiher (Viereth-Trunstadt)

Viereth-Trunstadt is the larger area that small village Weiher is part of. It’s not far from the Panoramawanderug that passes some nice rural scenery, as well as a few other fine breweries. Aside from that, there is little of interest aside from their renowned Kundmüller brewery, makers of a fine line of Weiher beers.

Brauerei-Gasthof Kundmüller (Weiher)
Weiher 13
Viereth-Trunstadt 96191


Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday
Daily from 9:00

Bamberg Station 12 km/nearest bus is in Viereth

Output: 20,000 HL

Founded in 1874 and still in the Kundmüller family, this fine traditional brewery has done what few others have, they’ve managed to maintain an old world feel along with some typical Franconian beers while stepping successfully into the realm of the craft beer phenomenon finally taking hold in Germany.  From the outside, it looks typical of the area and the Biergarten has the leafy trees that take time to grow.  While the interior has been renovated, they’ve gone for dark wood which gives it a timeless feel.

IMG_8940timeless feel of Weiher’s pub

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been driven to come to Kundmüller despite having tried quite a few of their beers in bottles. There was nothing wrong with them but nothing grabbed me in particular. On a recent trip, heading to nearby Schlüsselfeld to visit a brewery I did want to go to, I saw Weiher was on the way. Since they were reported to have a nice Biergarten and the day looked fine, we decided to finally give it a go. Unfortunately, the weather turned a little sour just before we got there so we safely took a spot inside the cozy pub.

IMG_8941cozy with some nice modern touches to the otherwise traditional decor

It had a nice modern but still traditional feel and when I saw the extensive beer menu, I wondered what had taken me so long to come.  I started off with their Schwarzla, a magnificent Schwarzbier with a stout-like appearance. It was as good as it looked and my driving wife was envious after a very small sip. Surely, this should have been our overnight stop.

IMG_8936.JPGSchwarzla, the black beauty

Since this was kind of last minute and we were stopping at another brewery soon after, where we would spend the night, we decided to share their mixed meat plate. It was ample and of excellent quality and value. It was from their own butcher and it tasted like it. I went for their Urstöffla, a Dunkles with a long dry finish.

a great house-butchered mixed meat plate & their Urstöffla

This was supposed to be a quick stop but with an IPA on tap and small tasters available (I know why didn’t I do that with my first two?), my ever-so-understanding wife (and driver) gave the go-ahead for one more, and it was yet another winner.  On the way out, we got a couple Schwarzla in bottles to go and noticed another IPA (not on tap) which was a collaboration with Fat Head Brewery in Ohio so got two of them, too.

IMG_8952another winner, this time an IPA with nice balance

It was long past time to go but after discovering they have great value rooms on the premises, something tells me next time we’re in the area, my wife is going to pick this one as the overnight stop, and I’m certainly not going to argue.  Great value food, huge well-priced tap selection and a cozy pub and shady we-treed Biergarten. What’s not to love?

Beers on tap: Lagerbier, Pils, Zwickerla, Dunkle Zwickerla, Rauch, Keller, Weizen Hell, Märzen, and Urstöffla on regular basis. Seasonals (when I was there): Schwarzla, Summer Ale and IPA.

If that’s not enough for you, in bottles: Landbier, Keller-Pils and Bock on a regular basis. Specialty beers include: Rauchbock (collaboration with Cervejaria Bamberg), Hopferla IPA (collaboration wth Fat Head Ohio), Weizenbock, Bock Bourbon Style aged in bourbon barrels, Dopplebock aged in rum barrels, Weizenbock aged in sherry barrels and a Weizenbock aged in Dornfelder oak barrels (actually unavailable when I was there but it was coming back again).

Beer calendar:
Maibockanstich is the 4th weekend in April
Kerwa is 4th weekend in May
Bockbierantich is the 3rd weekend in October (Bock & Weizenbock)
Rauchbockanstich is December 13th in 2018

Maybe we better stay a few nights. 😉

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