Weiherer Lagerbier

beer in ceramic mug on little venice
Weiherer Lagerbier

Viereth-Trundstadt (Weiher)
Style: Lagerbier

in a krug so no visuals aside from a nice protruding head
white, lively
slight hop
Body: medium
-bodied, low carbonation, super soft mouthfeel
dry and fruity
Finish: long, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the Sandkerwa in Bamberg & at the brewery

Impression:  Since I’d recently been to Kundmüller in Weiher, I had a newfound appreciation for their beer. Even though the Lagerbier is their flagship, I hadn’t tried it at the brewery because they had such a big variety on tap.  When we got the Sandkerwa, we walked by another (less scenically situated) stand selling the Weiher Festbier so was happy to find another outlet on the river. The guys pouring looked into their product and it showed in the great low carbonation soft brew.  It had a great dry fruitiness to it and the finish was clean and dry with just enough bitterness to make it moreish.  Another winner from Weiher and planning on staying there next time to try the whole portfolio!

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