Weiherer Bock (on tap)

deep golden beer in wine glass
Weiherer Bock

Brewery: Kundmüller
Viereth-Trundstadt (Weiher)
Style: Heller Bock

Color: deep
Head: white
, creamy
rich malt, honey
rich malt, some fruitiness, underlying hops
Finish: long, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  I’d this is bottled form and quite liked it but wasn’t expecting to find it on tap in May. Perhaps they sell it as a Maibock then but it’s likely the same beer as their autumn Bock. The deep golden hue is capped well with what seems is their signature creamy head. The nose seemed to have some honey in it that I didn’t notice in the bottled form but overall it’s a rich malty nose and palate. Weiherer isn’t afraid of using hops, though, so this has plenty underneath and it dries things out well in the long, bittersweet finish. Too easy to drink at 6.6%. Glad I got to have it on tap and their Bockbieranstisch is now on my list.

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