Weiherer Urstöffla

unfiltered amber beer in mug
Weiherer Urstöffla

Brewery: Kundmüller
Viereth-Trundstadt (Weiher)
Style: Dunkles

unfiltered amber
slight chocolate
full-bodied, low carbonation, super soft mouthfeel
hoppy from the get go but a slight chocolate note
Finish: long, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  This would have been my first beer if I had known how good all the beers were going to be. I’d read before going that the beer to have is their Schwärzla and since this was planned as a brief stop en route to another brewery, I ordered it first. It turned out to be a stunner and would have maybe went right to the IPA but the Urstöffla sounded intriguing and that it was. This is a classic Franconian session beer and in some breweries would be labeled a Vollbier or even Lagerbier, despite the color not fitting our preconceptions. This was the color of beer once upon a time and in Franconia, it still often is in small villages. That said, this was a real beauty of one, served in an appropriate “Seidla” shaped mug.  As great a the Schwärzla is, I think I’d be more likely to drink this if out for the night. It had a similar soft mouthfeel but a nice dryness that was moreish even if not more was to be drunk that day.

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