Weiherer Bock (bottle)

yellow beer in glass with bottle
Weiherer Bock

Brewery: Kundmüller
Viereth-Trundstadt (Weiher)
Style: Heller Bock

ample, thinning
rich malt
rich malt, some fruitiness, underlying hoppiness
Finish: long, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought in the region

Impression:  I’d have some bottles from Weiherer before visiting the brewery and though I found them all well-made, I was never blown away by them. I finally went to the brewpub and just about everything seemed to blow me away. I got some bottles to bring home and some where excellent, others just good. So, when I saw this Bock at a beer store, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. It poured with a deep golden hue and lovely head. It had a nice rich malty aroma and a super well-balanced flavor. At 6.6%, it was a little too easy to drink, with just enough hops to dry out the finish. I got to try it on tap recently, and it’s even better.

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