Nürnberg needs no introduction, being both the largest town and unofficial capital of Franconia. With its fairy-tale skyline and hilltop castle, it’s an understandable draw for hordes of tourists.  For the beer tourist, it’s a bit lacking in true old world experiences but there are more than a few places to have a beer and it makes a great base for exploring the considerable beery paradises around it.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof
nürnberg hausbrauerei altstadthof bannerSchanzenbräu

Tucher Mautkeller (formerly Barfüßer)
old restaurant, sausages with beer, old copper brewing kettles
Hausbrauerei Barfusser(closed in 2020, now reopened as Tucher Mautkeller)
nürnberg barfusser exterior
Nürnberg Rotbier Roundup: What is the best Rotbier in Nuremberg?

Non-brewery restaurants/Biergartens:

Restauration & Biergarten Kopernikus

Wirtshaus Tucherbräu am Opernhaus

In nearby Fürth:
Grüner Brauhaus

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