Unschlittplatz 9
90403 Nürnberg
Tel: 0163 9651520

Nürnberg Station 1.3 km/Weißer Turm U-Bahn station 400 meters

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday 18:00 to 23:00
Thursday 18:00 to 23:00
Friday & Saturday 18:00 to 02:00
Closed on Sunday

With its prime location on the Unschlittplatz, the modern atmospheric pseudo brewpub with late opening hours provides locals a place to unwind after work. Tourists looking for a break from the traditional Nürnberg Bratwurst restaurants will likely find it a welcome relief as well. That all said, the beers produced largely by Dreykorn and Der Bräu in Lauf are mostly in the traditional vein and the limited food is typical Brotzeit if presented in an upmarket way. The interior is brewpub modern but seems cozy enough and I imagine bustling at night.

Bierwerk is largely a modern but cozy affair

I was there at opening on a nice day so not only I but the smattering of guests chose to sit outside. There are benches right next to the pub and a small treed Biergarten across the street. I chose the former, figuring the service would be better. They have a few “house beers” along with a nice selection of regional favorites on tap. I started off with their Werkbier, a rich 5.4% Märzen.

a rich Märzen & their cute little Biergarten

Though there were quite a few favorites on their tap list, I stuck to the Dreykorn beers as I’d not had any on tap prior and this was after all kind of their place. So, I moved onto the Bierwerk Grufti, a Kellerbier. On the written menu, it was listed as Dreykorn Kellerbier but on the chalkboard, it was a Bierwerk. I later found out it was Der Bräu which is in Lauf, as well.  I also ordered their Wurst Vesperplatte, which was pretty good and made very enjoyable by some excellent fresh bread.

Bierwerk Grufti & mixed meat plate

I probably should have started with their Blond but there was no going back at this point so I had the Dreykorn Dunkel and finished off with the Dreykorn Edel Pils.

Dreykorn Dunkel & Edel Pils to finish off

While not exactly a must destination for its own beer, it certainly has a formidable line-up of guest beers and their own beers from Dreykorn/Der Bräu are certainly worth trying. It’s also a nice looking pub and place for a light meal/snack. I quite liked the neighborhood, a part of Nürnberg I’d not seen before so that in itself is part of what even beer exploration is about for me.

Beers: Bierwerk Blond (unfiltered Helles), Bierwerk Werkbier (Märzen), Bierwerk Grufti (Kellerbier), Dreykorn Dunkel & Dreykorn Edel Pils on tap plus a great selection of changing regional beers on tap. (Their list included beers from Gutmann, Schanzen-Bräu, Nikl-Bräu, Zum Löwenbräu, Eichorn Dörfleins, Schroll Nankendorf, Neder, Hofmann, Unertl & Roppelt Stiebarlimbach.)

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