Luitpoldstraße 15
90402 Nürnberg
Tel: 0911 216 50 10

Nürnberg Station 400 meters

Opening hours: Permanently closed March 24, 2024
Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 23:00
Closed Sunday
Rooms available

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Founded in 2018, this modern brewpub will appeal to those looking for shiny and new. It’s bright and airy and their menu features both classic Franconian favorites as well as both vegetarian and vegan options. The beers are in the traditional mode with a Craft Beer twist as befits their having an American brewer.

the shiny new Bruderherz

I was in town in February 2023 to sample the Rotbiers of Nürnberg and saw that this new place not only opened earlier than their competitors but also had a Rotbier of their own on tap. With my early arrival, I was happy to stop by and check it out. The server/bartender was friendly and attentive and quickly brought me what appeared to be one gorgeous Rotbier. On perusing the menu, I noticed it was likely a guest tap Schanzenbräu Rotbier rather than my hoped for self-brewed one. I went up to ask her and she explained it was indeed from Schanzenbräu and that they didn’t have their own. Needless to say I wasn’t so happy but asked if they might still brew it occasionally. She wasn’t sure but said I could ask the brewer downstairs, who I’d seen earlier when taking pictures of the brewing tanks.

a the true Bruderherz Rotbier & their unfiltered Helles

I went down to find out and he turned out to be an American who confirmed that not only did they brew a Rotbier called Roter Lui but it should be on tap upstairs. He showed me the keg to visually confirm it along with one from Schanzenbräu. We went upstairs together and he calmly explained to the bartender that it was on tap. She felt bad and gave me a free small one to make up for her mistake. It was decent, even after the Schanzenbräu Rotbier and it’s a shame I didn’t have it first as I may have liked it even more. At any rate, I liked the place enough and when I had an hour to kill while waiting for my train after my Rotbier Roundup, I stopped back in for their Mia Lager.

It’s not likely this will become a regular stop for me in Nürnberg but if you’re staying in town, it’s probably worth having a meal here, especially if your vegan. I would stop back possibly to eat as it is close to the station and I found the beer to be better than a few I sampled that day.

Beers: Bruderherz Mia Lager, Bruderherz Roter Lui.

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