restaurant exterior


Bärenschanze U-Bahn Station 250 meters

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 15:00 to 23:00

Saturday & Sunday 11:00 to 23:00
Closed Monday

Output: 5000 HL

Founded in 2006, I chance to say Schanzenbräu is Nürnberg’s most popular brewpub. There are now a few newer ones but this one seems to draw the locals as evidenced by the crowds of people at their tent at the Fränkisches Bierfest. I’ve always shied away from it as their big beer is a Rotbier, a style I find fairly bland. I didn’t try their beer at the fest, figuring I’d concentrate on ones I couldn’t get so easily but I did go out to the brewpub one day for lunch when the fest wasn’t yet open.

Schanzenbräu is located in the Höfen neighborhood in east Nürnberg but unless they are having an event, there is no place to sample their beers there. Instead, head to the Schanzenbräu Schankwirtschaft in the Bärenshanze neighborhood, slightly closer to the center and easily reached with the U-Bahn.  The interior of the pub is classic but with a slight modern flair. It’s reminiscent of the Neustadt in Dresden with a funkiness infused in the otherwise old wooden furnishings.  I quite liked it. The Biergarten out back was super nice but very busy so we ate inside and had one beer before securing a seat out there.

great interior and Biergarten of Schanzenwirtschaft

We tried the Rotbier and Schwarzbier. The former was a gorgeous amber with a formidable head. It was a spicy malty brew with a nice finish. The Schwarzbier was indeed black with a tan head. It was a fair approximation of the style. I had Bratwurst and they were just okay.  For Franconia, they were not good enough to return for. My wife had a Schnitzel and she felt it was a frozen one.  Prices seemed high for the quality but the Biergarten was packed and everyone was eating so maybe we just made bad choices. It’s hard going wrong with Bratwurst here though so go figure.

The popular Rotbier of Schanzenbräu, Schnitzel & Bratwurst

I finally made it back in February 2023 as I was in town to sample all of the town’s Rotbiers to see whose was best. I unfortunately did not get to try the food again but there were many people eating and I hope to at one point. That said, in the Rotbier Roundup, Schanzenbräu was the clear winner as the best Rotbier in Nürnberg.

Schanzenbräu Rotbier is best

This latest visit was quite enjoyable and I’ll make it a point to return to both eat and try their other beers. I was perhaps too critical due to their popularity.

Schanzenbräu Kehlen Gold

I recently picked up a bottle of their Kehlen Gold and impressed with the Craft Beer Keller Pils.

Beers: Schanzenbräu Rotbier, Schanzenbräu Hell, Schanzenbräu Schwarzbier.
Seasonals/Specials: Kehlen Gold, Roten Bock, Pils.

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