Grüner Brauhaus

brewery exterior

Comödien-Platz 1
90762 Fürth
Tel: 0911 74929947

Fürth Station 250m/Nürnberg Station 10km

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 11:30-24:00
Sunday 11:00-21:00
Closed Monday

This reinvention of a former brewery dates back to an original Fürth enterprise in 1709 at another location, which first became associated with the Grüner family in 1860. Its complex history took a turn in 1936 when it merged with Brauerei Zirndorfer and eventually ceased brewing in 1977. The Tucher brewery revived the brand in 2011 and it did well enough to warrant opening a restaurant in its name. All of the beers are brewed by Tucher but the unfiltered version of their flagship is only available here.

recreation of a old brewery pub

I’d had a bottle or two of the Grüner Vollbier Hell and while perfectly okay, I wasn’t one to seek it out especially since it was just another of the many beers (and brands) now brewed by brewing conglomerate Tucher. I often wondered why the train stations in the Nürnberg always seemed to carry it. I’d recently seen some posts on Instagram of Grüner logo glasses in what looked a very nice setting. As chance would have it, I’d spent that night in a small brewery in Middle Franconia and my change of trains on the way home was Nürnberg so I decided to have lunch at the Grüner Brauhaus even though it was a quasi-brewery at best. An online reservation system made it easy to ensure a table and its proximity to both Fürth S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations sealed the deal.

tastefully re-created brewpub

It certainly looked like it could be an old brewery tap from the outside, renovated but not overly so. On entering, you could tell it was done up but they did an excellent job. Old photos of the original brewery adorn the walls and little artifacts are scattered about. The casual visitor could easily believe this was very much a brewery but their website is quite transparent about what it is: basically a homage to a former brewery.

Rotbier & stuffed pepper

When I ordered my first beer, my server suggested their house Naturtrüb, an unfiltered Helles but the beer I’d seen on Instagram was a Rotbier. I asked if that was theirs, she said yes but she didn’t seem exactly convinced herself. Later investigation revealed it’s a “new” Tucher beer called Original Nürnberger Rotbier. At any rate, it was well-presented and I liked it. I was in the mood for something light so opted for the vegetarian stuffed pepper.

an excellent soup & tasty Dunkel

The pepper was good but not as filling as a meat meal and with a couple more beers to try, I ordered a soup and moved onto the dark beer. Listed as Urfränkisch Dunkel on the menu, I later saw on Tucher’s website, it is one of their standard beers. No worries, it was also good and the soup’s broth was rich and tasty.

filtered vs unfiltered?

I finally ordered the Naturtrüb, my server’s first suggestion and it really was good. It generally comes in a Krug but I asked for a glass to see it. I’m sure in a Krug at a Bierkeller, I’d be happy with it as a Kellerbier. I still had plenty of time and for the sake of comparison, I got the regular Helles. I assume this is the beer which Tucher brought back in 2011 and bloomed into the place I was pleasantly seated. If ordering the soup after my meal didn’t make her think me strange, ordering their least complex beer last must have. It wasn’t bad but after the other beers, too simple to really enjoy. If you’re going to drink them all, have this one first. Personally, I won’t likely get it again. It’s probably available in many places in the area anyway.

I would come back. The service was excellent, the food quite good and the beers all decent. While they could be a little clearer which beers come from where, they don’t really try to hide it. At the end of the day, all of the beers are brewed by Tucher and are well-made if nothing ground-breaking. Some they market as their own, some they market as Grüner. It does appear that the only place to get the Naturtrüb is here and I’d say it’s worth stopping by for one of them and something to eat if nothing else.

I returned in February 2023 as I was doing a comparison of all the Nürnberg Rotbiers and I’d like this one even though it was the regular Tucher beer. Prior to coming here for lunch, I stopped by the Tucher am Opernhaus and found the Rotbier lacking so wanted to compare it to this one, even though  reportedly the same beer. Well, it was better. It didn’t have any of the buttery element I’d experienced at the other Tucher outlet and had a nice sourish quality which made it much more quaffable. Oddly, on my first visit, I’d found it hoppy but I guess compared to both Schanzenbräu and Bruderherz, it was maltier in comparison. I also got to try their Thursday special, Krautwickerl and it was excellent. So, when it come to drinking Tucher beer, this remains my first choice place to do it!

Beers: Grüner Naturtrüb, Grüner Bier (Helles), Tucher Original Nürnberger Rotbier, Tucher Urfränkisch Dunkel, Tucher Weizen hell on tap. Bottled Lederer Pils, Tucher Dunkelweizen and a few low and no alcohol Weizens.

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