Hebendanz Kellerbier

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Hebendanz Kellerbier

Brewery: Hebendanz
Export Kellerbier
in Krug so no visuals, looks golden
white, thinning
faint grain
medium, low carbonation
grainy, some underlying hops
Finish: fairly clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the Hebendanz Keller

Impression: I had this beer back in my early days of Franconian beer exploration and on my first trip to Forchheim. I don’t remember it being anything special but I bought some bottles at the pub of seasonal beers that sure were. I tried to come back a few times always to find it closed so this time I headed up to the Hebendanz Keller since the weather was good. It’s called Kellerbier up there but I suspect it is their Export and most sites concur. It was quite low in carbonation and balanced, with some grain up front. It wasn’t particularly hoppy especially compared to Eichhorn Hell, which I’d just had. That said, it had enough for a fairly clean finish and the hops came out more when I had something to eat with it. Hopefully, next time I’ll get inside the brewery and it’s on gravity dispense.

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