Eichhorn Achhörnla

dark beer in glass with squirrel logo

Eichhorn Achhörnla

Brewery: Eichhorn
Vollbier Dunkel
Head: off-
some roast
medium, soft
balanced, dry, underlying hops
Finish: clean, dry, slightly bitter

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: I’d had this beer many years prior to this and it was probably on tap. Sadly, due to COVID-19 restrictions and the brewpub just reopening a few days prior to my visit, their uncertainty as to how busy it would be prompted them to only have the Vollbier Hell on tap.  The owner explained the dark beer would normally be on tap too. This was still a gorgeous beer nonetheless,  in a squirrel logo mug. It has a similar flavor to the Hell but less fruity and with a bit of roast. It is also quite dry in the finish. I hope to return to have it tap again soon. 

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