Brauerei Hebendanz

Sattlertorstraße 14
91301 Forchheim
Tel: 09191-9790444

Opening hours:
Daily from 10:00
Closed Monday

Forchheim Station 950 meters

Output: 10000 HL

Founded in 1579, this has been in the same family for over 500 years. Though the beers are available readily in the area, the brewpub itself remains an unassuming small place. It has come under new management and sounds very well run now. It was a one-room boozer on my first visit and was similar my last time there a few years ago. Looking forward to checking it out to see if there is an expanded menu.  When there in 2012, my wife had a nice enough Schnitzel and my Bratwurst were good, as well. I’ve had a few of the bottled seasonals which impressed me more than their draft Helles.

Schnitzel & Bratwurst, both with Kartoffelnsalat

Returned in November 2019 on a Monday afternoon only to find it closed. There was a sign up saying closed due to illness and it appears to be a somewhat long term thing. Hopefully, it’s not too serious and they return.

Beer: Export Hell, Edel Pils, Märzen Gold, Hefeweizen, Bächla Leicht, Posthalter, Starker Fritz, Jubiläumsbier.

Beer Calendar:
Bockbier during Lent and Christmastime
Annafest-Bier from the end of May till the end of September
Weihnachtsfestbier from the beginning of November until the end of January
Annafest from the Saturday before July 26th

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