Brauerei/Gaststätte Kaiserhof

Friesener Str. 1
96317 Kronach
Tel: 09261-1048
Gaststätte: Website

Kronach Station 700m

Opening hours:

Closed Monday
Tuesday to Friday 17:00 to 21:00
Saturday 14:00 to 22:00
Sunday 11:00 to 14:00

Warmer months: Check website or call but projected
Closed Monday
Tuesday from 17:00
Wednesday to Friday 11:00 to 14:00 & from 17:00
Saturday from 14:00
Sunday 11:00 to 14:00 & from 17:00

Output: 10000 HL

Founded in 1863 and in the same family since 1879, this regional brewery produces a large range of beers and has a fair reach in their area. Their Gaststätte is just out front and faces the street.  The brewery itself is in the courtyard along with a small outside seating area. From what I saw, they did not sell beer but found a convenient shop at Kaulangerstrasse 12, with their full range. The receipt said Kaiserhof so perhaps they own it.

beer shop & cute little Biergarten

I had come in August 2023 only to find the restaurant indefinitely closed. The one person I saw in the courtyard said they were unsure when it would reopen. This time around, I’d seen it had a new tenant but I still called ahead to make sure it would be open for my January 2023 visit. Unfortunately, due to it being so slow, it was only open in the evening, when I was planning on going to crosstown rival ‘s Antla. So, I arrived just before opening time and waited around for an extra five minutes before heading to their competition. When I returned after dinner to find it finally open, there was only one table of eight having a meal. I had a Kellerbier. I liked it and since I’d had the other beer on tap earlier at Bastion Marie with lunch, I got another in a glass to have a look at its color.

their Kellerbier in Krug & glass

It was a nice little place and the food looked good so I’d return in summer next time when it’s open earlier to have a meal.

Beers: Kaiserhof Pilsner & Kaiserhöfer Kellerbier on tap. Bottled Kaiserhöfer Schmäußbräu & Weisser Kaiser.

Other bottled beers available from the brewery in shops: Kaiserhöfer Keller-Äffla Urhell, Kaiserhöfer Schwedentrunk, Kaiserhöfer Lucas Cranach Lagerbier, Kaiserhof Kronator.

 the bottles I picked up in Kronach

Thomas Kaiser’s O-Bräu line-up: Export, Freggerla, Helles, Märzen.  Seasonal Maibock & Winterbock.

some of the O-Bräu line-up I picked up

Beer calendar:
Kaiserhöfer Osterbier  in February & March
Kaiserhöfer Schützenbier in July & August
Kaiserhöfer Goldhopfen  in October & November)
Kronacher Festbier  in November & December

Bockbierfest in mid-March
Schützenfest in mid-August)
Stadtfest in early September
Goldhopfenanstich in late October

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