First mentioned in 1003, Kronach has a long and storied past from a Swedish siege during the 30 Years War to a scampering rabbit on the town’s formidable wall. Home to one of Germany’s earliest and largest complete fortresses, a showcase to its former economic power, it fell under Nazi influence due to its proximity to stronghold Coburg. While it escaped major bombing during WWII, it nonetheless was captured by George Patton led troops in 1945.

the formidable wall & fortress

Kronach today is pleasant tourist town with its share of half-timbered charmers, cobblestone streets and two breweries to keep you from going thirsty. A restaurant/Biergarten on the wall with views of the town is a bonus and makes a day or overnight trip to Kronach a worthwhile endeavor.

 charming Kronach

If only a short trip and the weather is fine, it’s probably best to head up to Bastion Marie to enjoy the views with your meal and local Kaiserhöfer beer. If you have a bit more time, both breweries have taps and offer very different experiences.

Gaststätte Kaiserhof

Brauwirtshaus ‘s Antla
Bastion Marie

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