Brauwirtshaus ‘s Antla

Amtsgerichtsstraße 21
96317 Kronach
Tel: +49 9261 5045950

Rooms available

Kronach Station 700m

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 17:00 to 22:00
Sunday 11:30 to 14:00 & 17:00 to 22:00

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 2009 and and housed in a beautifully restored 15th century half-timbered building, ‘s Antla is an interesting mix of modern and traditional in their appearance and menu. The wide range of beers is eclectic to say the least with in nine beers and one cider, all made on the premises, on tap. It’s got a American Craft Beer vibe but must say that the beers, while not exactly Franconian, were like nothing I’ve had in the US either.

not my style interior & their Flößer

I had planned on having lunch at the Kaiserhof Gaststätte and coming here for dinner but the former was closed at lunchtime. After checking out the prices at ‘s Antla, I was leaning towards dinner at the brewery tap and a nightcap here as it was right up the street from my hotel. Kaiser didn’t open on time and I was ready for a beer so came in to ‘s Antla looking for a warm up beer or two. I wasn’t expecting the beer to be very good and I sure wasn’t expecting to choose between nine of them. I got the Flößer, a Dunkel, figuring it would be on the sweet side but it was quite hoppy and dry. I was glad they had .3l pours with some many.

 their copper Kettles & more ducks

I had been greeted by the friendly barman when I got in but he had gone astray since pouring my first beer so I sought some advice from my server about the hop levels of the beers.  She said the dark beer was one of the sweeter ones, not unusual but it had been anything but here!  I wasn’t going to try them all but went for the Gold (an unfiltered Pils) rather than the Schluck (an amber), my first choice as she assured me the latter was one of the hoppiest. She brought out some nice fresh rolls with a tasty spread so I wound up getting both, of course. I also took a stroll around the copper kettles.

a Belgian Tripple & Duck Soup

I had given up on the idea of going back to Kaiserhof to eat a full meal. I was getting pretty buzzed and hungry. I ordered a carrot ginger soup and the ‘s Antla Weisse Fraa, a Belgian Tripple. My server was impressed with my pairing and I had finally found a beer that wasn’t over the top hoppy. Of course, the small soup was no match for the mighty 8.5% brew so I studied the menu.

 the small main course & two more Ducks

I ordered the Winterbock and soon realized I had to eat a meal. The soup had been tasty and the presentation lovely but it was small for 9€ and the larger meals were close to 30€ for the least expensive. I found a fish dish for 21€ and got an E1nser, a Helles, to drink with it, hoping to stem the tide. The meal came out and I was flabbergasted. I swore they’d got my order wrong as it looked like a salad but on top was a VERY thin fish filet. Again, pretty and tasty but not a meal to me.

Though I was still hungy, I enjoyed my visit to ‘s Antla. The service was great and super friendly. The beers uniformly interesting if not particularly Franconian. I’m sure if money were no object, I could have had a nice multi-course meal. Next time, I’ll eat at Kaiser and come here for dessert!

Beers on tap: ´s Antla E1nser, ´s Antla Flößer, ´s Antla Schluck, ´s Antla Weizen.

Rotating & Seasonal beers: ´s Antla Weißa Fraa, ´s Antla Weizen Rote Frau, ´s Antla Winterbock, ´s Antla Gold

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