Cape Town Craft Beer Capers

Cape Town has one of the most stunning settings in the world and in this majestic mountains surrounding it are some amazing hiking trails. There are also great craft breweries to enjoy a beer when you're done your hike. We call it beer hiking.

Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery is the premier brewpub in Cape Town, with an eclectic menu and a large range of both regular and seasonal beers to keep their customers happy and coming back.

South African craft beer collage

Woodstock Brewery Californicator (unfiltered)

The unfiltered version of Woodstock's popular Californicator is drier but otherwise similarly well-balanced tasty IPA with a clean bitter finish.

How to tell a Wild Flower from a Darling Brew

West Coast National Park in South Africa is beautiful park, especially during the wildflower season. Nearby Darling makes a great base with Darling Brew providing fine craft beer.

Darling Brew

Darling Brew is a great stop if traveling the West Coast of South Africa. With a full line-up of beers, a sprawling modern brewpub and good simple meals, it's an easy place to spend a few hours.

Darling Brew Black Mist

Darling Brew Black Mist is an easy drinking and flavorful porter at 5%.

Darling Brew Arrowhead

Darling Brew Arrowhead is a formidable Imperial Stout, all too drinkable for 8%.

Darling Brew Warlord

Darling Brew Warlord is a formidable Imperial IPA, all too drinkable for 9%.

Even amongst the vines, there is beer

Though South Africa is more noted for wine, beer remains its number one alcoholic drink and with craft beer on the rise, the palates of the wine region even turn to it for a departure.

Tuk Tuk Brew

Tuk Tuk Brew is a modern brewpub in downtown Franschoek that serves up finely crafted beers and is a real find for those perhaps tired of the area's noted wines.