Darling Brew Black Mist

Darling Brew Black Mist

Brewery: Darling Brew
Color: dark brown to black

Head: tan, rocky, ample
Nose: roast, licorice

medium, low carbonation, soft
Palate: malty, slight roast, licorice

Finish: clean, somewhat bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery in Darling

Impression:  Darling Brew Black Mist has garnered a fair amount of awards in the South African craft beer scene and is probably one of the reasons people make a pilgrimage to Darling. It wasn’t on tap when we were there but they did have bottles, evidently even those are sometimes in short supply. We bought some and enjoyed them in our room in town. It poured beautifully, with a nearly black appearance and robust tan head. It smelled a bit of licorice and had a surprisingly malty palate for a porter but did have some hops for balance and some roast in both the nose and palate.  It was quite drinkable and flavorful at 5%. It was an enjoyable beer but not sure it quite lived up to its hype.

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