How to tell a Wild Flower from a Darling Brew

West Coast National Park in South Africa is beautiful park, especially during the wildflower season. Nearby Darling makes a great base with Darling Brew providing fine craft beer.

Darling Brew

Darling Brew is a great stop if traveling the West Coast of South Africa. With a full line-up of beers, a sprawling modern brewpub and good simple meals, it's an easy place to spend a few hours.

Darling Brew Black Mist

Darling Brew Black Mist is an easy drinking and flavorful porter at 5%.

Darling Brew Arrowhead

Darling Brew Arrowhead is a formidable Imperial Stout, all too drinkable for 8%.

Darling Brew Warlord

Darling Brew Warlord is a formidable Imperial IPA, all too drinkable for 9%.

Darling Brew Blood Serpent

Darling Brew Blood Serpent is a reminder that styles like Pilsner are changing and this is no common one with a floral nose and fine hoppy palate.

Darling Brew Rogue Pony

Darling Brew Rogue Pony is a serviceable Pale Ale with an easy drinking balanced palate.

Darling Brew Long Claw

Darling Brew Long Claw a nice Saison with some citrusy notes and a fine hoppy finish.

Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Darling Brew Bone Crusher is an easy drinking Witbier with a soft fruity palate.