Darling Brew Warlord

Darling Brew Warlord

Brewery: Darling Brew
Imperial IPA
Color: lightly filtered amber

Head: white, rocky, ample
Nose: grapefruit

medium, low carbonation, soft
Palate: balanced, hoppy
but not bitter
Finish: fairly clean, not overly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery in Darling

Impression:  If they hadn’t had such reasonable prices, this would have likely been my go to beer. I quite like Imperial IPAs as they tend to not be so over the top bitter due to their high malt content. This one looked the part and had a nice interplay of malt and hops. It was also extremely drinkable for 9%. It was certainly a hoppy beer but not really bitter. In fact, the finish seemed a bit quick and lacked the bitterness you might be looking for. That said, it was a nice example of the style if not one to compare to the best.

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