Darling Brew Arrowhead

Darling Brew Arrowhead

Brewery: Darling Brew
Imperial Stout
Color: dark brown to black

Head: tan, rocky, ample
Nose: chocolate

medium, low carbonation, soft
Palate: chocolate notes, hoppy

Finish: long, dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery in Darling

Impression:  Darling Brew Arrowhead was on one of the tasting flight combos and it was good enough to order a full pour. It looked amazing, with a rocky tan head and nearly black. There were some nice chocolate notes in the nose and intermixed with the hops in the palate.  It was, however, quite thin for a stout. In fact, I’d all this an Imperial Porter. More typically called a Baltic Porter, it has more drinkability than is typical of Imperial Stouts but still packs a lot of punch alcohol-wise, this one clocking in at 8%. It was nonetheless, a very enjoyable beer and I’d say our favorite at Darling Brew.

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2 thoughts on “Darling Brew Arrowhead

    1. It wasn’t as heavy as a real Imperial Stout. I’d really call it a Baltic Porter, a similar and related style. SA beers are generally a bit thinner than what we’re used to.

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