Darling Brew Blood Serpent

darling brew pilsnerDarling Brew Blood Serpent

Brewery: Darling Brew
Color: lightly filtered, honeycomb

Head: white, creamy
Nose: floral hop

light, medium carbonation, soft
Palate: firm hoppy

Finish: clean, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery in Darling

Impression:  This one of those beers to confuse the beer snob. Offer up a Pale Ale or Pilsner and nine out of ten craft drinkers will choose the former. Make it an IPA instead of a Pale Ale and it’s even higher. This was my fourth taster at Darling Brew. I’d just had their Pale Ale (Rogue Pony) and for whatever reason, I drank it before the Pilsner. Call it a feeling or divine intervention, but I was right on the call. The Pils was a far better beer and if I was blindfolded and given the two beers, I would have probably incorrectly labeled them, too.  With eyes wide open, it sure didn’t look like a Pils and the nose was unmistakably floral.  I guess at the end of the day, you sometimes have to dispense with names or at least not have too narrow and idea of a particular style. At 5%, I could have drunk this one all day.

How about another South African craft beer?



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