Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Brewery: Darling Brew
Color: unfiltered, honeycomb

Head: white, rocky
Nose: slight lemon, spice

light, medium carbonation, soft
Palate: balanced, fruity

Finish: clean

Served: on tap at the brewery in Darling

Impression:  Darling Brew was one of the first places I came across online when searching for brewpubs in South Africa. We were going to West Coast National Park and Darling was a logical place to stay, especially once I found the brewpub!  I might not typically order a Witbier but Darling Brew had fair deals on nice size sampling flights. This was my first one and though a bit light on flavor, it looked good and was dead-on style-wise. I guess on a very hot day, it would be refreshing at 5.2% but it wasn’t that kind of day and this would have a tough day competing against Hoegaarden or any number of American beers in this style. That said, pleasant enough, especially seated in their stylish brewpub.

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