The State of the South African Craft Beer Address

South Africa really does have it all, from rugged coastline scenery to mountain trails full of vistas. There's wine, leopards and yes, even craft beer.

Even amongst the vines, there is beer

Though South Africa is more noted for wine, beer remains its number one alcoholic drink and with craft beer on the rise, the palates of the wine region even turn to it for a departure.

Tuk Tuk Brew

Tuk Tuk Brew is a modern brewpub in downtown Franschoek that serves up finely crafted beers and is a real find for those perhaps tired of the area's noted wines.

South African craft beer collage

Tuk Tuk Brew IPA

Tuk Tuk IPA is a fine example of the style and if you're a bit tired of wine when in Franshoek, a stop at Tuk Tuk is a must.

South African craft beer collage

Tuk Tuk Brew Dunkel

Tuk Tuk Dunkel is a truly fine example of Munich Dunkles with some roast and chocolate notes in the mix.