Tuk Tuk Brew IPA

Tuk Tuk Brew IPA

Brewery: Tuk Tuk Brew
Style: IPA

Color: unfiltered, light golden

Head: rocky, dense
Nose: citrus hops

Palate: citrusy hops, balanced
Finish: clean
, bitter

Served: on tap taster at the brewery

Impression:  This is a brewery that would have likely been missed due to time constraints and being in one of the prime wine towns in South Africa.  Mostly wound up here due to a full wine day on the town’s renowned Wine Tram. Tried their Dunkles first and I could have easily kept drinking that but went for their IPA and was glad I did. It looked great when it came out and was a nicely balanced affair. I was afraid of too hoppy a palate after all the wine that day but this was strode the line well. It was certainly a citrus hops-infused brew but it wasn’t overly bitter and had a fine clean bitter finish. The brewpub has beers from mother brewery CBC, as well, but I had their IPA and it wasn’t up to the Tuk Tuk one.

How about another South African craft beer?



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