Adler Altfränkisches Lagerbier at Schwarzer Adler

Adler Altfränkisches Lagerbier

Brewery: Adler-Bräu (Brauerei Schwarzer Adler)
Style: old Franconian lager

dense, off-white
slight floral hop, faint grain
full-bodied, low carbonation, super soft mouthfeel
very fruity and dry, ample hopping, grain
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  Though I’d had this beer for the first time at the Bamberg Sandkerwa, this was the first time I finally made it inside the actual brewpub despite a few previous attempts. As is always the case, expectation plays a big part in your perception of a beer and the first time around, this brew caught me off guard. This time I was expecting a lot and was happy the beer lived up to my self-hype. Poured by the brewer himself, it came out looking as marvelous as at the festival. Not only is it a great looking beer, but the carbonation is low, making it an easy drinker, too. The dry fruity quality of the palate is what makes it intrinsically Franconian and the long dry bitter finish cements its place as a new personal favorite in the area.

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